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open source commerce
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The 4th Annual
OSC Awards
February 28, 2010
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Best OSC Program

OSC Programs include ANY Open Source eCommerce program. This includes CRE Loaded, OSC-MAX, Zen Cart, Cube Cart, Magento, PrestaShop, UberCart, osCommerce and ANY other derivations or custom versions. You may write in your favorite program.

Best OSC Forum

An OSC Forum is any bulletin board website where visitors and members post questions and answers about any program in the OSC Family. We want to find out about the most helpful forum for OSC programs.

Best OSC Web Hosting

OSC Web Host include any web host that advertises or accepts business for open source commerce programs including osCommerce, Magento, Zen Cart, OSC-MAX, CRE Loaded, or other such programs. Do you love your web host? Please tell us!

Best OSC Web Pro

An OSC Web Pro is a person or company that designs, develops, and/or supports online stores in the OSC Family. Every store owner needs a web pro! Let us know about yours.

Best OSC Contribution

An OSC Contribution includes any add-on program or script that can be installed in one or more programs in the OSC Family. Do you have a contribution you could not live without? Tell the world.

Best OSC Web Templates

OSC Web Templates include any web template designer or company that advertises their templates can be used with a program in the OSC family.

Best OSC Credit Card Processor

OSC Credit Card Processors includes any credit card processor that is listed as pre-installed in the Admin Modules - Payments section of one or more OSC programs.

Design Contest: Best OSC Design

All design contest categories are open to anyone, from amateur to pro UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. "Peoples' Choice" Award is for ANY OSC store. Tell your friends! This is a subjective, aesthetic entry, no reasons need be given. Like all other categories, only one entry per IP address.


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